Scalar Wave Technology
We have been working with scalar waves, and more precisely longitudinal scalar waves since we created the first biological signaling hologram in 2006. We have programmed various substrate materials with longitudinal waves literally 10’s of thousands of times.

A longitudinal scalar wave propagates like a percussion wave and has the capacity to transmit through most materials. This makes longitudinal waves perfect for programming large quantities of substrate materials. If we are programming Protect Filters, bands, Shungite, water or other materials we want to know the programming is equally effecting all the material being programmed, so penetrating all the substrate material is paramount.

Scalar Wave Technology
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Our mentor in this area was Professor Ing. Konstantin Meyl, who is considered a top expert in generating longitudinal scalar waves, and we have been working with Prof Meyl now for thirteen years.
Technically longitudinal scalar waves are created by transmission between a transmitter and receiver of a vortex spreading as a longitudinal shock wave. The vortex carries an impulse and information, which can be extracted from materials and imprinted into various substrate materials. For the longitudinal scalar wave to be created the circuit has to generate the longitudinal wave and return the wave 180 degrees out of phase from the receiver. The same frequency is maintained at the transmitter and receiver and resonance has to be maintained. In a resonant circuit resonance can be obtained at several frequencies but only one resonant frequency generates the longitudinal wave.
The generation of longitudinal scalar waves is only part of the process. You have to understand the antenna structure of materials being transmitted for programming to take place. The molecular structure that transmits best has the molecular form of Polyphenols. Generating longitudinal scalar waves without matching the molecular structure of the material being extracted and transmitted leads to little, if any effect. We work with many medical practitioners to insure our biological signaling is effective.
This book by Professor Meyl was presented at the second World DNA Conference in China to 1800 of the top DNA researchers in the World. The book explains the dynamics of communicating with the body using longitudinal scalar wave technology.
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